A Fleur Elise Rose Gives Eternal Elegance and Sought After Sophisticated Style with Freshness Forever.
Our coveted everlasting roses are the perfect solution for those who adore the elegance and appearance of a stunning bouquet of romantic flowers indoors. As they are perfectly preserved real rose petals, the difference between a freshly cut flower and our arrangements is impossible to spot. They are carefully produced to retain their original shape and texture, using a method that allows you to enjoy your roses, at their most striking, forever. If treated with the care they deserve these arrangements add sophistication and elegance to your décor year after year.
A rose in our name looks fresher, lasts longer and says it with style
With our interior design background we place a great emphasis on detail and believe fresh flowers give the perfect flourishing finish to any work or living space. That is why we sourced a rose that would maintain its picture perfect quality and tangibility forever as we believe any space can be transformed when the right addition is placed in position. We pursued an everlasting rose that would not compromise on quality, sustainability and aesthetics. Finding these flowers we couldn’t believe our eyes as we watched a beautiful garden rose transformed with a preserving process that ensured the beauty would last forever. As we tried and tested these roses ourselves, we couldn’t keep hold of this secret any longer, knowing that anyone who appreciates the magic of Mother Nature will adore these creations of brilliance. Fleur Elise was born and now we bring these delicate real everlasting roses to anyone who enjoys bringing colour, vibrancy and life to their home or business.
Each product is completely unique as it is hand crafted with care to add an original style to your space. There are a range of colours, vases and urns to choose from ensuring you find the roses that enhance your living space and complement your taste. With no need to replenish visitors will be astounded when greeted by freshly picked roses time and again, yet your secret is safe is with us. These roses are the ultimate luxury accessory for enhancing elegance in a room, hand crafted with care they will soon become the focal feature that will never fade with time.